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Asset Condition Management (ACM):

Vibration Analysis is the science of measuring vibration levels in rotating equipment, interpreting the collected data and determining which component or condition is causing distress to the machine. It is that knowledge and experience that enables our trained and certified analysts to determine the condition of your equipment.


Markrl Inc. Project management team experienced on ACM program setup or major restructuring:

·       Business case preparation

·       Decision & resource allocation

·       ACM plan development & Procurement

·       Implementation& short-term benefits

·       Integrated& fully functional


Markrl Inc.’s ACM project management in Green Reliability:

o   Steam and Condensate leak energy cost saving

o   Compressed Air Systems leak energy cost saving

 Markrl Inc.’s ACM project management in different applications:

o   Air Handling Systems HVAC

o   Upstream and downstream biotech processes assets (Vaccines, mAB, Blood Plasma).

o   Solid Dose Pharmaceutical Manufacturing assets

o   Semi-Solids Pharmaceutical Manufacturing assets

o   Liquid Dose Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (Sterile and Non-Sterile) assets

o   Vacuum Pumps, Chillers, Compressors, Colling Towers and Boilers

o   Purified Water System PW/ Water for Injection WFI/ Pure Steam PS



·      Industrial Internet Of Things “IIOT”

·      Vibration Analysis “VIB”

·      Thermography “IR”

·      Ultra Sonic “Ult”

·      Grease Oil Analysis “GOA”

·      Lubrication “LU”

·      Quality Control “QC”