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The manufacturing industry has very specific challenges and pain points to deal with. The main pain points are schedule, cost, scope, and quality. This sounds very familiar to project management Markrl Inc. professionals.

The biggest challenge for manufacturers is to produce a high-quality product in the shortest amount of time possible. Reducing the time to market can be vital for organizations to gain a competitive advantage, keep production costs low, and keep the scope in check. However, this can’t be done at the expense of quality
as product quality is directly related to customer satisfaction and profit.

Markrl Inc. is utilizing the right project management tools equally helps manufacturers create better project plans, control production processes, manage risks and measure and
quantify success.


Effective management of projects coupled with time management to increase delivery to increase the efficiency of on-time delivery %. Implementing Project planning and Control techniques in handling projects of all sizes, providing leadership for the client in establishing a good rapport with contractors for successful and timely completion of projects.

Our Project managers and Reliability Engineers deliver the project to our clients, within the changing priorities and the required regulatory compliance.

On-Time Delivery

Start-up Assistance

Preventive maintenance program development

Calibration program development

Predictive maintenance and digital twin development

Water treatment Plants PW/WFI and autoclaves Projects

Capacity support

Project execution & controls

Project (scope – Budget– Time) support  

Change Management Projects 

Technical Writing