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Asset Reliability Management (ARM):

Reliability engineering is a sub-discipline of systems engineering that emphasizes dependability in the life cycle management of a product. Reliability describes the ability of a system or component to function under stated conditions for a specified period. Reliability engineering is recently growing in our industry where many leaders realize that “fix it when it breaks” is no longer works for business stakeholders and failures can be predicted and analyzed to keep the asset available.

  • Root Cause Analysis “RCA :

o   Markrl Inc. team is equipped with skills of problem-solving to analyze the failures of the asset at its operating context.

  • Failure Mode Effective Analysis “FMEA” :

o   Markrl Inc. team is equipped with strong engineering background knowledge were setup the different failure modes for your asset’s components.

  • Failure Analysis “FA”:

o   Markrl Inc. team is equipped with strong analytics to trend your failure events

  • PM Optimization “PMO”:

o   PMs optimizations are driven by Quality CAPAs rather than work order study by reliability engineering is a reality. Markrl Inc. can support you to set up a system in place to drive a proactive approach in PM optimization.

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance “RCM”:

o   Applying RCM methods, the system selection criteria typically include a Pareto analysis of those systems that have a large impact on capacity, high maintenance costs, frequent failures and/or corrective maintenance, safety and the environment.

  • Failure Code “FC”:

o   We are helping you creating custom failure codes library based on your site assets failure events and mapping it in a such a way to be easily utilized.  Aligning the failure codes with age-related and random failure patterns.

  • Criticality Analysis “CA”:

o   Stock this part, increase the min/max stock level, too much inventory cost and why we don’t have it in stock are the first blame’s request you are asked once failure occurs. We support executing criticality analysis for your spares inventory to minimize the inventory cost, maximize inventory turn, increasing asset uptime.

o   A Part consequence of failures such as contamination consideration.

o   Inventory classification, including the process for obsolescence

o   Vendor stocking and consignment programs

o   Economic order practice, quantity, point, level, and dynamic adjustment

o   Repair/Replace policy, including managing reconditioned (vs. New) equipment