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Energy Manager Position:

Duties & Responsibilities (may include the following but are not limited to):

• Energy Tracking & Monitoring – Provide a database and an energy tracking and monitoring system for each Facility/process that captures current monthly energy consumption and an electrical load inventory of major equipment. The Energy Manager will develop and deliver training to the Participant’s staff on the energy tracking and monitoring system.

• Primary Assessment – Review existing energy study reports and perform a high-level assessment, including a walkthrough audit of each major process area of each site, to identify energy efficiency opportunities and to identify which systems will require more detailed evaluations.

• Maintenance and Operating Schedules – Review and provide a description of the control systems, operating schedules, and maintenance practices at each Facility/process to identify operational Energy Savings. Develop maintenance practices and programs to enhance energy efficiency.

• Energy Saving Opportunities & Action Plan – Identify, assess, prioritize, and recommend energy efficiency Projects, preparation of business cases to justify capital expenditures, and the completion of applications to IESO.

• Project Implementation & Energy Savings – Coordinate the implementation of energy efficiency projects, including the planning, budgeting, and scheduling for the design, installation, commissioning, and verification of such Projects. (not the Energy Manager).

• Work with the Participant to develop a strategy for the measurement & verification of energy efficiency projects.

• work to create and foster a sustainable energy management culture at the Participant’s Facility.

• Employee Awareness Program – Implement an employee training and awareness program to promote energy conservation and communicate the energy efficiency programs undertaken.

• Assistance to IESO Projects – Coordinate and assist with site inspections by the IESO (or their designate) from time to time of the various measures implemented, at the sole discretion of the IESO. Collect relevant information regarding additional energy use (equipment purchases, schedule changes, occupancy changes, or construction).

• Reporting – Complete an Energy Management Plan, Third Quarter Reports, and Annual Reports.

All other duties as needed:

• Participates as a team member of a project development team for the development of energy savings and

performance contracting projects.

Provides technical analysis/review for energy projects; providing project risk assessment.

• Perform building “walk-through” and identify energy conservation measures (architectural,

mechanical, electrical, etc.) in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities.

• Works autonomously on assignments.

• Customizes software and spreadsheets to achieve desired technical results and presentations.

• Conducts interim reviews during project construction to assess the guaranteed impact of any changes to

the original contract scope of work.

• Accurately assess and provide feedback on project engineering risk.

• Provide continuous improvement recommendations on a yearly basis for optimizing existing control


• Baseline knowledge in energy/utility accounting software.

• Analyses data output for trends and/or any deviations that need further investigating.

• Develops/streamlines existing reporting capabilities from a software standpoint and a usability

perspective and investigate new technologies.

• Responsible for reviewing contract documents and conducting job surveys.

• Assists in the preparation of cost estimates for projects.


The participant will ensure that the Energy Manager meets the following eligibility criteria:

• Has the demonstrated technical ability to perform the Energy Manager Duties; and

• Is professionally designated or qualified with/as:

(i) a Certified Energy Manager; or

(ii) an Energy Manager In Training; or

(iii) P.Eng is Preferred

• successfully completes the CEM examination by the end of their first year of employment under a Participant


(i) a 4-year degree in engineering or architecture, or a professional engineer or registered architect;

(ii) a Certified Engineering Technician.

(iii) a Certified Engineering Technologist; or

(iv) an individual approved at the IESO’s sole discretion.

• Ability to read, analyze, and interpret plans, specifications, contract documents, control drawings, service bulletins, technical procedure manuals, equipment specifications, and governmental regulations.

• Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals.

• Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from top management, customers, and service personnel.

• Desire for hands-on project development and customer contact

• Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.

Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form and deal with several

• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and five (5) years’ experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience in Energy Engineering.

• Knowledge and experience with HVAC, control, electrical systems, and proficiency with energy analysis tools.

• Working knowledge of cost and savings studies and incorporating energy conservation measures.

If you are interested in applying to this position, please send your resume to careers@markrl.com