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COVID-19 Message

As a valued “customer” with Markrl Inc., your safety and wellbeing is a top priority.  In light of global News related to the rapid and alarming expansion of COVID-19, we wish to assure you that Markrl Inc. has a business continuity plan, we are equipped to maintain the reliability solutions and customer care you have

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Asset Criticality Matrix

In our industrial companies, we have challenges about limited resources and budget, meanwhile you need to maintain your entire organizational assets with no budget that what dreamily is asked by stakeholders, however, they are right! There are tons of budgets thrown in no-where and need to be wisely optimized. Our mission when we step in

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Visual Management (KPI):

Key Performance Indicators are the magnifying glass of the senior management. There are many indicators you can measure but to be smart you need to select the key ones that reflect the performance level. As indicated in asset management ISO 55000, doing measures where you align your business objectives with stakeholders’ values. Also, when you